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BIM Market Discount Campaign February 21, 2014 Catalogue

Heifer Tezgah Testere 115,00 TL,
Bluelight Darbeli Matkap 49.00 TL,
Bluelight Akülü Vidalama 59,00 TL,
Screwdriver Set £ 7.90,
Bits Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set £ 25.00,
Precision Screwdriver Set £ 5.50,
Bluelight Çay Makinesi 89,00 TL,
Homemaxx Işıldak 35,00 TL,
Women's Velour Tracksuit £ 24.00 per team,
Silicone Cushion £ 5.50,
Toy Tool Set with Bag £ 12.50,
2-Hot Water Bottle £ 5.50,
Nitrile Work Gloves £ 1.50,
Bluelight Şerit Metre 5,00 TL.

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